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Helsinki Times has been created to fill the gap in the market for a regular and reliable source of news from Finland in English. We will cover the most important news of the previous week and everything you need to know for the week ahead.

This newspaper is for everyone who enjoys reading the news in English, regardless of your nationality, location, age and gender. Helsinki Times will provide a new window on Finland and we hope that you will join us in developing the publication as a stimulating and valued member of the Finnish media scene.

The sections of Helsinki Times include domestic and international news, stories from the Finnish press, business, sport, culture, lifestyle and entertainment, as well as a review of what the world press has written about Finland during the past week.

We also provide you with complete TV listings for the main international channels, together with a selection of the English language programmes available on Finnish television channels. Also don’t forget to check out the book and film reviews, the cultural events calendar for the coming week, and the seven day weather forecast for Finland and over 20 international locations.

Helsinki Times will be published every Wednesday and is available on subscription and soon on sale in kiosks.

Please help us to make this your newspaper. We look forward to your frank comments, lively letters and emails, plus your editorial suggestions and contributions.

The more feedback we receive, the better we can develop the Helsinki Times concept to meet your needs. So send your opinions, subscribe to Helsinki Times, and advertise your events and business on this exciting new forum.

Helsinki Times Editorial Team

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