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Estonia Quiz



1. What is the biggest island of Estonia?
A. Kihnu
B. Ruhnu
C. Saaremaa
D. Muhu
E. Vormsi

2. When was the University of Tartu founded?
A. 1532
B. 1632
C. 1732
D. 1832
E. 1932

3. Who is NOT a world famous Estonian?
A. Juku Mändmets
B. Erkki Nool
C. Markko Märtin
D. Arvo Pärt
E. Lennart Meri

4. What is the official language of Estonia?
A. Finnish
B. Russian
C. Esperanto
D. English
E. Estonian

5. How many people live in Estonia?
A. 140 000
B. 1 400 000
C. 14 000 000
D. 14 000
E. 400 000

6. Which of the following placenames does NOT exist in Estonia?
A. Epukakerdi
B. Otepää
C. Mõdriku
D. Kuukulguri
E. Kohtla-Järve

7. What contest did an Estonian win?
A. Eurovision Song Contest
B. Miss World Contest
C. World Rally Championship
D. Academy Award of the Best Actor
E. Tour de France

8. What are the colors of the Estonian flag?
A. yellow, green and red
B. white, blue and brown
C. red, orange and yellow
D. black, blue and gray
E. blue, black and white

9. What is the heeling substance used in Estonian resorts?
A. water
B. mud
C. sand
D. rocks
E. pine thorns

10. What is the national bird of Estonia?
A. crow
B. eagle
C. swallow
D. swan
E. parrot

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Estonia Quiz