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Finnish Language Quiz



1. To which group of languages does Finnish belong?
A. Indoeuropean
B. Slavonic
C. Uralic
D. Baltic
E. Latin

2. How many vocals are used in Finnish language?
A. 10
B. 8
C. 6
D. 4
E. 2

3. Who was the father of Finnish written language?
A. Mikael Industralia
B. Mikael the First
C. Mikael the Great
D. Mikael Agricola
E. Mikael Farmer

4. What does the Finnish word 'kännykkä' mean?
A. candle
B. canned food
C. canvas
D. cancer
E. mobile phone

5. Which of the following is NOT a Finnish word for 'hat'?
A. myssy
B. lapanen
C. pipo
D. päähine
E. hattu

6. How many genders are used in Finnish grammar?
A. none
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. different in dialects

7. How do you say 'Hello!' in Finnish?
A. näkemiin
B. tota noin niin
C. hei
D. jumalauta
E. perkele

8. Which of the following is a typical letter used in Finnish?
A. õ
B. ü
C. x
D. y
E. z

9. Which other language is related to Finnish?
A. Hungarian
B. Latvian
C. Romanian
D. Polish
E. Swedish

10. How do the Finns call themselves?
A. finniläiset
B. finnit
C. suomiset
D. finlanders
E. suomalaiset

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Quiz Finnish Language