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1. To which groups of countries does Finland belong?
A. Baltics, Europe
B. Scandinavia, USSR
C. Benelux, Europe
D. Baltics, Benelux
E. Scandinavia, Europe

2. What was the capital of Finland 200 years ago?
A. Helsinki
B. Jyväskylä
C. Turku
D. Tampere
E. Rovaniemi

3. Who is the sitting president of Finland?
A. Juice Leskinen
B. Martti Ahtisaari
C. Ismo Alanko
D. Tarja Halonen
E. Anneli Jäätteenmäki

4. Which of the big cats live in the wild in Finland?
A. lynx
B. tiger
C. panther
D. lion
E. cheetah

5. Which of the following placenames does NOT exist in Finland?
A. Äänekoski
B. Teräperä
C. Ii
D. Sodankylä
E. Jämsä

6. Which of the following names is NOT a typical Finnish man name?
A. Jyrki
B. Aapo
C. Tapio
D. Hanko
E. Jussi

7. What is the name of Finnish national epic?
A. Kalevala
B. Hölöpölö
C. Höpölöpö
D. Lönnrot
E. Murheellisten laulujen maa

8. How often Finns go to sauna?
A. twice a year
B. mornings and evenings
C. every week
D. only on new year's eve
E. once a month

9. What kind of sports Finns do NOT practice?
A. contest of wife carrying
B. contest of fast speaking
C. contest of boot throwing
D. stick walking
E. contest of ant hill sitting

10. Who is NOT a world famous Finn?
A. Pekka Virtanen
B. Mika Häkkinen
C. Aki Kaurismäki
D. Jean Sibelius
E. Jari Litmanen

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