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Helsinki Times Links to the Future

"The ideas of the few are those which affect the future of many"
-Albert Einstein
  • The Feature; It's all about the mobile Internet
  • ScienceNet - Technology and Engineering
  • Cryonics Institute Links
  • Cox, Wootton, Griffin & Hansen; Futurology Links
  • Principa Cybernetica Web; Links on Future
  • Factasia netlinks on the Future
  • Resources for the Future
  • The World future society
  • Institute for the future
  • SpaceFuture
  • The
  • Facing the Future
  • The Future of Networking Technologies for Learning
  • Global warming: Focus on the Future
  • Unbounding the furure: the Nanotechnology Revolution
  • the Transnational Foundation for peace and future research
  • Nuclear Physics; past, present and future
  • Georgia Institute of Technology; Future computing environments
  • Food Future; about genetically modified food
  • News in the Future; from MIT
  • WIRED; Why the future doesn't need us
  • The center; for the future of teaching and learning
  • US National Institute of Justice; the Future of DNA Evidence
  • CIA; Global Trends 2015
  • Advanced Technology products
  • Institute for America's future
  • Office of industrial Technologies; Industries of the future
  • Digit Life -Expect the unexpected
  • Society, Cyberspace and the Future
  • Future Generations
  • The future of the web -article from
  • Alternate Futures for 2025
  • Millenium Edition - the next 1000 years
  • World Transformation
  • Interesting article from Radio Netherlands
  • Seeing the future -by Doug Snedden