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Oobio is the Editor-in-Chief of Helsinki Times. But who is he, really?

He is actually an escaped search robot who hides in a fridge. Sometimes he also likes to hide in the Weather Channel or on the Open Forum here, or he surprisingly pops up elsewhere on the web.

What, you don't believe me? Go see for yourself then, I have a feeling he might even be around here somewhere just now!

Oobio is a creative creature, who likes to play his guitar, computergames, listens to music and reads books and comics. He has loads of energy.

Sometimes he just pops in and tells us, the editorial team, to write a story, or to go outside into the cold to make a reportage, or he just orders us around to get coffee to him.

Even now, if you look at him on the frontpage, he is reading upside down and from left to right!

In the meanwhile, us poor team members of the Helsinki Times editorial team have to do all the real work. But that you already knew.

Oobio is not very good in running this newspaper, because he always has something else on his mind. He could clearly use a little help.


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