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  • Every day in our lives is like a new book. Or at least it should be so. Check out, what kind of day it is today measured in literature. This site has high educational value, wonderful idea and beautiful concept!

  • I grew up in the former Soviet Union, so I've lived in that absurd world of forbidden literature. Go and find out, what kind of books have been banned through times. Believe it or not!

  • If Beckett doesn't make any sense to you or if you suffered again from another Kafka-like day, go to find some consolation here. Total info-bomb!

  • Ever heard about mondegreens? Not even by accident?J This site gives you an idea, what they are and links to other places aswell, incl. Jon Carroll's columns who is a master of researching and popularises the new, but still underrated stream of science.

  • Ambitious attempt to put all Scandinavian literature online! You can even find a Finnish version of the Bible there. Wishing strength and motivation to the Runeberg project to go on with that huge work.

  • Lots of useful information about Finnish literature, links also to other organisations in the field. Highly recommended! Additionally world wide famous Finns represented.